Uncle Samsonite

Uncle Samsonite is a mythological being, his motives are known to take revenge on the Bowen family line and take the souls of children in order to complete a transformation.

Association with characters


  • Uncle Samsonite captured Amy's and took him to the realm at some point during the absence of Jake's Dad in Volume 4, The Library. found that he has a visit with all the kids around the
    Uncle Samsonite Season 1 Epilogue

    Uncle Samsonite Season 1 Epilogue


Jake's Dad

  • Uncle Samsonite seems to enjoy toying with Amy's Dad, as he will randomly appear at given times but not do him any harm. It is implied that Uncle Samsonite's spirit manifested in Amy's Dad's body after the Epic Fight in Volume 10.


  • Uncle Samsonite began feeding on Isaac when he was a kid, as shown in "Uncle Sam".


  • Uncle Samsonite likely doesn't care for Steve and is considered a nemesis to him, as Steve has rescued 2 characters from Samsonite's grasp.
  • In Season Two: [fill in info], Steve is captured by Uncle Samsonite and presumably loved by him as well.

Other Characters

  • The Detective
    • In Volume 8, it is revealed that Uncle Samsonite is The Doctor, although it is hinted at prior to the reveal in The Doctor's various Ginuwine lines.
  • Ginuwine
    • Not only is "The final countdown" by Ginuwine the song most commonly associated with Samsonite and his presence but in the Compendium of the Great Old Ones, it is said that Ginuwine was thought to be influenced by Samsonite. In Volume 9 it is implied that Ginuwine was taken by Samsonite.
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