Twerk Twerk Twerk is the second episode, (referred to as "Volumes,") of the first season.

Plot Edit

In this episode, we see Uncle Samsonite forcing Jake to "Lay down a beat." However, Jake is not eager to do so. Uncle Samsonite then threatens him, saying: "Sweet child, if I don't have a beat, I can't dance. And if I can't dance, then I'm not having any fun. And if I'm not having any fun, then no one's having any fun." Jake succumbs to the threat and starts repeating the words "Twerk twerk twerk." Uncle Samsonite starts twerking to a mystically appearing beat, and harassing Jake in the process. After a little bit of that, Jake's Dad opens the bedroom door asking Jake if he want's some off brand soda. Jake seems eager for some off brand soda, but after seeing Uncle Samsonite staring at him from the closet, he refuses, saying, "I can't. I have to lay down the beat." Jake's Dad assumes he's talking about an imaginary friend, and leaves. Uncle Samsonite comes back out and starts dancing once more. The episode then ends with Jake secretly pointing a camera at Uncle Samsonite that he had hiding under a pillow.

Uncle Samsonite Vol 2- Twerk Twerk Twerk

Uncle Samsonite Vol 2- Twerk Twerk Twerk

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