Basic info of Mr. dadEdit

  • After Jake is kidnapped, Jake's Dad searches for him over a period of 3 Volumes, and Volumes 8-10 consists of Jake's Dad rescuing him. He is one of the Main Characters, along with Jake and Uncle Samsonite. Uncle Samsonite seems to enjoy toying with Jake's Dad, as he will randomly appear at given times but not do him any harm. Jake's dad in season 1 seems to feel as if something is up with Jake, however, at the same time seems clueless. It is implied that Uncle Samsonite's spirit manifested in Jake's Dad's body after the Epic Fight in Volume 10, but was saved when Father John expelled Uncle Samsonite from his body.
  • He is constantly happy and kind, sometimes even when Uncle Samsonite shows himself in the presence of Mr. dad. Mr. dad also loves wholesome times and off-brand sodas.

Association with characters Edit


  • Jake is Mr. dad's son

Uncle Samsonite

  • Jake's Dad has many interactions with Uncle Samsonite, but they hardly make direct contact with each other.



  • Jake's Dad meets Steve in Volume 9 where Steve meets with Mr. dad and Isaac at his home.

Other Characters Edit

  • The Detective
    • Jake's Dad consults The Detective before consulting Isaac
  • Ginuwine
    • Jake's Dad has no connection with Ginuwine, other than his knowledge of him.
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