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Jake's Dad is Jake's Dad. His name is not defined, but both Jake and his dad are played by Jake Bowen. After Jake is kidnapped, Jake's Dad searches for him over a period of 3 Volumes, and Volumes 8-10 consist of Jake's Dad rescuing him. He is one of the Main Characters, along with Jake and Uncle Samsonite.

Association with characters Edit


  • Jake's Dad is Jake's Dad.

Uncle Samsonite

  • Jake's Dad has many interactions with Uncle Samsonite, but they hardly make direct contact with each other.



  • Jake's Dad meets Steve in Volume 9 where Steve distracts Uncle Samsonite and allows Jake's Dad to retrieve Jake.

Other Characters Edit

  • The Detective
    • Jake's Dad consults The Detective before consulting Isaac
  • Ginuwine
    • Jake's Dad has no connection with Ginuwine, other than his knowledge of him.
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