Basic Info of Jake Edit


Jake is the main character of the series and son of Jake's Dad. During the series, Jake is kidnapped by Uncle Samsonite, and Jake's Dad joins forces with Isaac and Steve to rescue him. He seems scared of Uncle Samsonite, and when Jake's Dad enters the realm in Volume 5, he finds Jake lying in "his bed," so terrified that he believes his own father is Uncle Samsonite. Jake is most commonly pictured in his bed. He is played by Jake Bowen

Association with characters Edit

Jake's Dad

  • Jake is Jake's Dad's son

Uncle Samsonite

  • Jake was captured by Uncle Samsonite, and it is likely that he had known him for a while, as "Uncle Sam" suggests, and Uncle Samsonite has been haunting him for quite some time.


  • Jake's only interaction with Isaac in the series is in Volume 3 when Isaac refuses to give Jake candy since he's dressed as Ginuwine.


  • Jake and Steve do not interact.

Other Characters Edit

  • Ginuwine
    • Jake is forced to dress as Ginuwine for Halloween, but otherwise the only mentioning of Ginuwine from Jake is in Volume 1
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