"When there's a Phat Beat, and someone to dance to it, Uncle Samsonite can't resist. He has to accept the challenge." -Isaac

Basic info of Steve Edit


Isaac is introduced in Volume 3, where he refuses to give Jake candy since Jake is dressed as Ginuwine. He makes another appearance in Volume 9, where he leads Jake's Dad to Steve. He also helps Steve in a Dance-Off against Uncle Samsonite. Isaac is played by Isaac Bowen.

Association with characters Edit


  • Isaac refuses to give Jake candy and then takes painkillers afterwards in a desperate attempt to forget Uncle Samsonite

Jake's Dad

  • Isaac helps Jake's Dad find Steve so he can rescue Jake

Uncle Samsonite

  • Isaac was kidnapped by Uncle Samsonite a long time ago, and his body was infested by Uncle Samsonite. Steve saved him before the "Transformation" was complete.


  • Isaac is Steve's friend and has been since Steve saved him from Uncle Samsonite

Other Characters Edit

  • Ginuwine
    • Isaac has no direct association with Ginuwine, but he reacts dramatically to seeing Jake dressed as Ginuwine.
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